Vladimir Voitekhovsky

   An outstanding stylist who is also an expert in the salon business, a manager of major show-business projects, and one of the founders of the world famous LEGEND fight show. A third generation hairdresser and world champion in hairdressing. One of the creators of the innovative Scissorhands beauty salon recognised by Fashion TV as the most fashionable salon in Moscow. His 22nd Century Hairstyle Show has changed the perception of a hair dress; multiple publications and reports dedicated to that event have confirmed the unique character of his hairstyles; he was the first to catch on the rhythm of the future subculture. His clients are well-known personalities in Russia, show business stars, athletes, and businessmen. He is sometimes referred to as Vladimir the Scissorhands. In 2011 Vladimir won the national Stylist of the Year title.

   It’s interesting to know that in his youth Vladimir became the champion of Belarus in Muay Thai and completed a full course in playing the chromatic accordion. In a remarkable manner he has managed to combine the precise hairstyling skills with participation in professional kickboxing tournaments where he fought on equal footing with top Russian and world martial artists. Vladimir’s example demonstrates that human capacities are unlimited.

   Birthday: February 28.


8, Presnenskaya nab., block 1, World Class Capital City, +7 (903) 790 34 35, +7 (495) 966 10 09 russia@scissor-hands.ru