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   We are introducing the hottest trend of the season in facial care: Jet Peel skin-care technology which delivers 4 outstanding results:

  • improved appearance and texture of the skin (unwanted pigmentation removed)
  • restored skin smoothness;
  • strengthened blood vessels (anti-rosacea and cryo effect);
  • cleaned out acne lesions.

   Our offer includes all the necessary procedures in one session: cleansing, jet peeling, mask, and serum. Price: 9,900 Rub. Duration: 60 minutes.


   Jet Peel total skin-care at our Salon consists of 5 consecutive steps:
   1. Cleansing:

  • Cleansing with cosmetic products. Makeup removal. Depending on the skin type, Cell Fusion, Babor or Farmascincare foam, gel or milk are applied.
  • Cell Fusion, Babor or Farmascincare tonic or lotion are applied, depending on skin type.Jet Peel cleansing. Pressurized air accelerates a jet of micro droplets and this micro-jet is used to cleanse, moisturise, and massage the skin without ever touching it; it promotes circulation and provides lymph drainage.

    2. Jet Peel treatment:

  • Based on individual requirements, hyaluronic acid or multi fruit serum are added to the basic Jet Peel treatment, with the serum being injected below the skin (injection-free mesotherapy).
  • Occurring simultaneously: oxygen therapy, lymph-drainage massage, cryo-effect, scars and striae dermabrasion, and acne correction.

   3. Mask:

  • Babor or Farmascincare mask matching your skin type to either hydrate, lift, nourish or lighten the skin.

   4. Serum:

  • A Babor ampuled serum matching your skin type with the following effects: hydration, collagen 3D-lifting, express-lifting, multi-fruit, detoxication or stop-stress, etc.

   5. Cream:

  • Babor or Farmascincare face cream and eye concentrate matching your skin type: hydrating, lifting, nourishing or lightening.

   The whole process and Jet Peel advantages are demonstrated in this short video:

Технология «Jet Peel» from Scissor-hands on Vimeo.

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No More Split Ends With HG Polishen Hair Polishing

   Our hair stylists will remove up to 100% of split ends on any length of hair with the special HG Polishen trimmer nozzle. The perfect solution for those who want to keep the hair long and get rid of all the split ends. The session will last 10 to 15 minutes only, with the effect lasting up to 6 months. Results are visible immediately.

   In addition to polishing, the price of 5,000 Rbls includes haircut & blowdry.


   It is worth noting that in 2015 HG Polishen nozzle completely altered the approach to split hair treatment. Millions of people around the world have already recognised the full worth of that seemingly unsophisticated device; indeed, a plastic end of a trimmer is hardly likely to remove split ends throughout the hair in 15 minutes. And that’s the whole point: the device is not much to look at, but it works perfectly well.

   And, as with any tool, it is the skill of the specialist using the tool that becomes an important component of a high quality result. Our hair stylists are well known for their professionalism, and for that reason we can guarantee the result. You will be able to see the difference after the first polishing session, with 99% of the split ends gone and the hair incredibly soft and glossy.

   How does it work? A trimmer topped with a unique nozzle will snip away all the brittle, split and fray ends, without changing the length of the hair. The specialist will slide it through the hair, strand by strand, several times until all the split ends disappear.

   Watch this video to learn more about HG Polishen nozzle and see the end result:

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Compliment news
Compliments of the Cosmetologist

   When in a restaurant, it is always a pleasure to get the compliments of the chef as a delicious gift. That is why we have decided to carry this tradition over to the beauty salon. From now on, all those using our hairdressing or manicure/pedicure services will be offered ‘compliments of the cosmetologist’: an 18-minute treatment session in the cosmetology room which includes a soothing facial massage and oxygenating treatment. This express facial treatment has an immediate and visible effect, cheers up and, most importantly, it is our gift to all those who have chosen Scissorhands for a haircut, hair coloring, manicure or pedicure.


   You might wonder why we offer this treatment as a compliment. The oxygen mask that we use is the best way to biologically rejuvenate the skin. The mask comprises two components which produce a lot of bubbles when blended. The mask oxygenates, freshens up and firms the skin, immediately improves the complexion, and that is the reason why it is best suited for an express facial treatment. The mask will also stimulate an active synthesis of collagen and elastin thus triggering off the natural processes of skin rejuvenation. Oxygen masks are suitable for all skin types and ensure the perfect skin care.

   We hope that the next time you visit our salon you will be able to spare 18 minutes after your haircut or manicure to try the compliment of our cosmetologists - the specialists with the most gentle and caring hands in the world.

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